Virgins wanted for our online auction in December 2018


TOUCHED ESCORTS specialise in online millionaire Virgin Auctions which are renowned around the world for achieving unbelievable prices. To sell your virginity applicants must pass the castings process which is handled by our dedicated team member. The team are very experienced and will guide you through the process which is handled professionally.

The Virgin auction process is of a female selling her virginity to the highest bidder who has the chance of purchasing their virginity. The bidders must be aged 25 or over and be registered with us before any bid can be accepted.

The female will undergo a medical examination by an accredited gynaecologist and provide this certificate to the buyer. To sell your virginity you must provide this document to Touched Escorts, the buyer can also bring a doctor to examine the seller. The accompanying medical certificate will be a statutory declaration before entering the auction.

The bidder has the potential to make a substantial offer to remove the virgin from the auction. In such cases a bank statement will be required for proof of funds, (KYC) know your customer and current passport and proof of residence. Once all relevant documentation has been received and verified, the offer is then reported to the seller. Touched Escorts will then take the sellers instructions to accept the current offer or to remain in our online millionaire virgin auctions.

Once we have received the final bid a non-refundable deposit of 40% needs to be made into our Touched Escorts bank account. Failure to meet this requirement will result in disqualification and elimination from the virgin auction. If the at any stage the seller decides not to continue with the sale of her Virginity, the held deposit will be re-funded back to the buyer within 7 days via bank transfer. In the event of a disqualification, the winning bid will be the second highest bidder who then will have the opportunity to purchase under the same conditions.

The winning bidder then has 10 days to arrange to meet the seller in Germany. A meeting with the buyer and the client who is selling her virginity, will take place prior to exchange. The accommodation will be arranged accordingly to the dates given, our client will be escorted to the destination with security throughout the process. Payment for the winning bid must be received within 5 working days from the auction's conclusion.

It is mandatory for sellers and buyers who participate, to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will be presented to them before consummation.


A meeting with the buyer and the client who is selling her virginity will take place prior to exchange, if the client who is selling her virginity decides to change her mind at any time then a full deposit will be returned to the purchaser minus flights and accommodation for the virgin. On the basics that both parties are happy and want to proceed with the transaction, the buyer must then transfer the remaining money into the sellers account. Once the transaction is complete then the client can enjoy one hour with the seller.

Touched Escorts are not responsible for the seller’s decision regarding the transaction. If it transpires the virgin does not wish to proceed, Touched Escorts are not liable for any costs to the purchaser and any third parties.

There are strict guidelines which we have in place to protect both buyers and sellers to create a fair and enjoyable environment. The winning bidder cannot perform the following acts with the virgin at any time.

During your time with the virgin you cannot:

  • Be intoxicated
  • Have or expect to fulfil any fantasies or fetishes
  • Have more than one person during the consummation.
  • Use any sex toys or other objects
  • Use a telephone or any recording device


To register a bid for a virgin please the complete the form on our website and your bid will be uploaded to the website within 24 hours of registration. A non-refundable admin fee of €64.99 is payable when you register a bid. Once the payment is completed you can monitor your bid on the website free of charge and increase or cancel your bid at any time, alternatively, please email us on or contact us on: 00 49 2119 598 9409/ WhatsApp: 00 49 1521 4043 069 to register your bid.

The dates of the final bid for a virgin will be made visible to all our clients via our website. The potential buyers can place bids at any time and increase before the final deadline. The winning bid is the highest bid received before this deadline.


Touched are renowned for London virgin auctions and we aim to achieve the best possible price for our clients. London virgin auctions are available on our site and you simply need to follow the castings process to apply. The team are very experienced and will be with you every step of the way until the auction conclusion. London virgin auctions and surrounding areas are available to the UK to work with Touched.

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